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Vusubheki Management Services was established to provide IT security solutions to a variety of clients. We are a 100% black-owned entity with close to 20 years of experience in the industry.

We pride ourselves on the extensive capacity and experience of highly skilled and competent staff. Throughout the years we have positioned ourselves as a unique service provider, rendering services that are holistic and in tune with global trends.

Vusubheki Management Services is a cutting-edge IT Security Systems Service Provider and a leader in offering a comprehensive matrix of commercial security solutions.
We develop and provide our clients with innovative and well researched total security solutions that will put them on an accelerated growth trajectory. We render the most cost-effective and efficient commercial security services to all our clients and focus on providing our customers with oriented services with a correct and reputable product at an affordable prices.

Our approach is to layer an IT security architecture Flexible, scalable, expansive and easy to maintain.
Vusubheki Management Services provides ongoing personalised services, maximally focused to mitigate risk factors.
We ensure complete satisfaction on quality to all our customers and also complete satisfaction on quality to all.
Our staff are dedicated to providing the highest professional standards of expertise and service.